Cheese o’ clock: Comté


In response to a well-formed, convincing request (“Bring it back. I want cheese.”) from my old pal, Jenny,  it’s high time to reinstate cheese o’ clock. The star of this post is one of my new favorite cheeses: comté.

Comté is a French cheese that’s described as complex, nutty, and sweet. It pairs well with dried fruit, jams, and nuts.  My girl Katie brought a block  up to a friends weekend in Canandaigua Lake in October and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

laguiole cheese board

^ How adorable is this cheeseboard? It marks the geographic locations of where certain French cheeses come from (Roquefort, Brie, Reblochon to name a few).  You can place your favorite cheeses next to their place of origin- so neat!

Now let’s make some snacks!

Cheese plate fixings:

Comté cheese
Apple cranberry chutney (I used this), cran-apple butter (Trader Joe’s is amazing) or preserves
Walnuts, toasted
Your favorite crackers

So good. Although next time I buy this cheese, I’m going to try it with a fig jam/spread as well.



P.S. I’ve been shy and reluctant to use descriptive adjectives (complex, bold, nutty, etc) when describing things like cheese and wine  because it makes me want to give myself a wedgie for sounding pretentious. But dammit, those adjectives are CORRECT.  This cheese is complex and nutty! So for future cheese posts, just know that I know I sound like an asshole- and I will take that risk if it means being an accurate asshole.

The ultimate: