Welcome to Ragamuffin Recipes!!

Ragamuffin is more than just a funny word; it’s my cooking lifestyle. Despite my small kitchen, two left feet, long workdays, and chronic laziness, my love of food has triumphed over all aforementioned obstacles. Cooking and baking are loves of mine, and a great way for me to be creative and relieve stress.

Many of the recipes I will share with you on this blog are adaptations of gourmet recipes made with the following types of cooking aficionados in mind:

The Hopelessly Messy/Clumsy Cook– “No guys, I don’t know how Cheetos cheese dust got on my forehead/back/ankle.”

Do you always have food stains on your clothes? Are you constantly tripping over your own feet and bumping into coffee tables?  Well, either you need glasses or like me, you’re an impossibly awkward, all thumbs, bull-in-a-china-shop human being.  I will show you that baking and cooking is definitely possible without making a huge mess or seriously injuring yourself (I hope!).

The Small Kitchen Chef –

A small kitchen has less space, fewer appliances, can certainly test your patience; especially with a 400-degree oven burning up a 5×7 room while your eyes tear from chopping onions.

I try to be as much of a minimalist as possible. I look for recipes that use the least amount of dishes, and I cut corners wherever I can to avoid making a mess in a small space.  I don’t own a food processor and even if I did, I don’t always want to clean up after it, so I buy chopped onions, carrots, etc. They’re slightly more expensive, but so incredibly worth it.

The Lazy and/or “Yeaaah I’m Two Glasses of Wine Deep..” Chef –

Pasta and grilled cheese is always your friend, but sometimes you want to mix it up! There are many ways to make an awesome and creative dinner with little exertion, using what you have readily available.

Where Shortcut/Ragamuffin Recipes Does NOT Apply:

1. Cookies, cupcakes, cakes: You’ve already made the decision to bake, so might as well just suck it up and do it right.  Baking tends to involve a very constant method and set of ingredients.  Most likely eggs, flour, sugar, an electric mixer, and an oven will be involved, and you just can’t work around that.  Raggamuffin Recipes will use the least amount of dishes needed, and will work around ultra-superfluous recipes, but if you want quality baked desserts, you can’t half-ass this one.

2. I’m not going to simplify any recipes that are SIGNIFICANTLY better the harder way.  Some recipes are worth the extra effort. Plus it can be interesting to test your limits!

Thanks and Enjoy! (:


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